B2V Training Template

To assist our Baker to Vegas/Ragnar athletes, beginning in October we will be changing our training template to focus more on our running work.  The template listed below is what we consider optimal for our team.  You will notice Tuesdays call for two workouts which need to be seperated by at least 3 1/2 hrs of down time.  If you are not quite ready for two workouts on one day, put priority on completing the sprint intervals.  Listen to your body and take extra rest as needed, the last thing we want are overtraining injuries.  This program will be very taxing so rest and recovery are extremely important.   The website will continue to list the workouts as we always have in the past.  It is your responsibility to apply this template when deciding which workouts you are going to complete on which days.

  • Monday – CrossFit WOD w/ Strength
  • Tuesday – CrossFit WOD w/ Strength & Run Intervals(Short) @ CSULA 0600 hrs.
  • Wednesday – CrossFit WOD w/ Strength
  • Thursday – Run Intervals(Long) @ CSULA 0600 hrs.
  • Friday – CrossFit WOD w/ Strength
  • Saturday – CrossFit Team WOD/10K or 5K TT /Mt. Wilson Trail Run
  • Sunday – Rest (Go out and do fun stuff with the family)

**Saturday will consist of one of the listed events.  Beginning in February CrossFit Team WODs & Mt. Wilson Trail Runs will rotate every other Saturday.  Once specific dates for the Saturday events are known, they will be posted here.

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