About CF535

It is disgraceful how the modern world has knocked down the virtue of strength.  It was once considered that to have a strong mind one had to also have a strong back. In the world today it is commonly reflected that exactly the opposite is true with the stereotypes constantly reinforced in all types of media.  There are innumerable positive effects in both a psychological and spiritual manner alone for strength training.  And let’s be clear, we are addressing “Strength Training” not working on staying “in-shape” or looking “fit.” Strength Training and a physically active lifestyle should be a cornerstone of a person’s entire life.

To accomplish this, CrossFit 535 provides high quality, personal, hands on coaching and mentoring to help our employees achieve their fitness goals, optimal health and gain confidence in themselves.  The goal of CrossFit 535 is to provide employees with the best personal training and coaching available in a motivating and enjoyable atmosphere where dedication, desire and determination are rewarded handsomely with elite fitness. CrossFit 535 furthers these efforts with regular in-house seminars about various topics regarding fitness, diet and health.  CrossFit 535 develops positive habits in nutrition and exercise which transfer to a better “quality of life.”

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